Monitoring of oilfield objects bacterial contamination
Bacterial contamination is one of the leading sources of corrosion
70% of pipe leaks are caused by local corrosion

$7 billion annually are spent on corrosion control and pipelines repair

$1,4 billion annually are spent worldwide on infrastructure and machinery protection and reconstruction

Up to 40% of cases of corrosion are caused by bacterial contamination

The problem
Biocorrosion causes pumping equipment, underground pipelines, above ground and other utilities premature failure
The losses
Worldwide spendings of oil industry related to corrosion come to 3,7 billion dollars annually
The solution
Well-timed diagnostics, optimal biocide treatment and regular control
Our products and services
Biocorrosion - we know what to do
High sensibility and specificity of our tests make it possible to fight biocorrosion effectively:
- Detect and identify bacteria causing corrosion
- Choose biocide treatment strategy
- Control the treatment efficiency

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